Unforgettable adventures and delicious flavours

Visit Tó Restaurant and Leisure Centre

Where the entire family can have a good time

Imagine a place where you can get away from it all, recharge your batteries and gather unforgettable memories with your children or partner. Less than half an hour drive from Budapest, our Leisure Centre awaits you, offering new activities and delicious flavours.

Whether you prefer traditional cuisine or always look for something new, here you will find everything you have been longing for.

No matter whether you come alone, with your partner or bring the entire family, our leisure activities will satisfy your expectations all year round.

There are several exciting sights within walking distance, making it effortless to fill several days with interesting activities.

A day full of adventures

Within a 4-kilometre radius, you will find everything needed for a blissful day of relaxation. The sites can all be accessed by taking a comfortable ride on the scenic railway line. Instead of spending ages organizing and searching, visit us and we will provide you with a thorough itinerary, so that you can get the most out of your time with us.

4 sites, numerous options

- Tó Restaurant -

Unique culinary delights

Try a modern, reinvented version of traditional Hungarian flavours and bistro-style food. Our dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients to provide you with the finest culinary experience.
Each family member will find the food to his/her liking – from the most exquisite dishes to your kid’s favourite pizza. Furthermore, our panorama terrace boasts a stunning view.

- Leisure Centre -

Varied and exciting experiences throughout the year

If you are in pursuit of a place where new and exciting activities can always be found, come and visit us! We are open all year round, so you will always find a broad range of entertainment activities!
The area offers an array of special attractions that are worth visiting. If you would like to try a new sport, look no further! We look forward to welcoming you!

- Tourist Office -

All information in one place

In our Tourist Office, you will receive all the information you need during your stay. With our detailed guidance, we guarantee you will not get lost and our inside tips will make your time with us truly pleasurable.

What’s more, once on your way, there’s no need to navigate by yourself. A map on site will help you find the area’s attractions.

- Delicatessen -

Where quality ingredients reflect our devotion to family farming

Since we have gathered wonderful handmade products prepared by local craftsmen, these specialities are at your fingertips, each devotedly and lovingly made by locals.
Choose your favourite delicacies from a selection of mouth-watering cheeses, wines and bakery products! Check out the wide range of handmade premium cosmetics on display!

Visit us and have fun!

To book a table at our restaurant and for more information, feel free to contact us as follows:

It is not required to sign up for our events in advance.


8086 Felcsút,
Main street 4/A.